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This website is dedicated to all who are engaged in the practice of echocardiography. Whether your are a student, a practicing sonographer, cardiologist or registrar, we aim to further your education in the field of echocardiography. Primarily, we'd like to introduce you to our two text-books: "Echocardiography: The Normal Examination and Echocardiographic Measurements" and "A Sonographer's Guide to the Assessment of Heart Disease" but you may also like to listen to a lecture or two via the "Presentations" menu above.


Since it's release in April, 2000, Bonita Anderson's first textbook, "Echocardiography: The Normal Examination and Echocardiographic Measurements" has proved itself to be a valuable learning tool for students, teachers of echocardiography and sonographers worldwide. Now in it's second edition, it has been adopted by many schools as the primary text for courses in echocardiography.

Over the years, many sonographers have suggested that Bonita turn her writing skills to the subject of cardiac pathology. Bonita initially thought this unnecessary with so many excellent publications already available on the subject. But after several more years lecturing and working as an educator at the Prince Charles Hospital (both in Brisbane, Australia), she felt that she did have a further contribution to make. Almost three years after committing to the task, a new textbook, "A Sonographer's Guide to the Assessment Heart Disease" is the result.

About the Author

Author of both of our titles, Bonita Anderson is currently Senior Lecturer in Cardiac Ultrasound at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. Bonita has over 30 years experience as a sonographer and educator in echocardiography at The Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane, Australia. An Accredited Medical Sonographer, Bonita holds a Diploma in Medical Ultrasonography (Cardiac) and a Master of Applied Science (Medical Ultrasound). She has also been awarded a Fellowship of the American Society of Echocardiography (FASE).

A popular international lecturer in echocardiography, Bonita is often complimented on her ability to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. This makes her especially popular among students of echocardiography.

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